Punjab Day Celebrations

DPS Khanna celebrated Punjab Day with great fervor. The school wore a festive look on this day. It was a great opportunity for the students to showcase their undying love for their motherland.

The celebration included myriad performances which captured the hearts of the audience. The programme commenced with a prayer followed by the Mool Mantra which filled the air with a pious stillness. The poems recited by Savreen Kaur Dhumi raised the spirits of one and all.

Bavneet Kaur enshrined the celebration with a beautiful speech. Further, the skit performed by the students bestowed us with the heartfelt message of ‘Sanu Maan Punjabi Da’.

The folk dance spread the colours of Punjab on the stage and enthralled everyone. The giddha performed by the students mesmerized one and all.Such celebrations help in the overall development of the youth of today and also to make them proud of their rich culture and heritage.

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