At DPS, we aim to teach our students in an interesting, interactive and motivating environment that ensures all pupils achieve a satisfactory examination result relative to their ability. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and has a five-tier system of educational years consisting of Pre – Primary, Primary, Junior, Middle and Senior school.

Our special way:

“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student’ Marva Collins”

Rote learning is discarded at Delhi Public School. Instead, our teaching at the pre-primary level is essentially based on the concept of learning psychomotor and social skills through play activities. Our specially designed curriculum is based on the development and growth of all areas of a child’s life, including interpersonal skills, emotional growth, physical coordination and cognitive preparation to equip children for a future in academics.

In principle, this gives way to a more structured system of education as the child grows and blossoms.

Educational Programme


The student spends three years in this part of schooling.

The play-way method lays focus on learning by doing. Children are introduced to learning techniques which encourage learning in an atmosphere of freedom and spontaneity. More opportunities are created to encourage creativity. The Montessori approach is followed with precision to allow the children to learn and grow.

Primary School:

Grades I to V

At this stage of schooling, students participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities besides a strong focus on academics. Some of the activities include dance, drama, music, elocution and gardening etc.

Middle & Senior School:

Grades VI to XII

A strong, well-defined CBSE curriculum is taught by experienced and well-trained faculty. The teaching is geared towards preparing the students for a career and children to begin exploring career options and preparation for entrance for professional streams. Personality development workshops form an integral part of education at this level.


The school provides well-qualified, experienced staff trained by the DPS Society. We all know that DPS, RK Puram has been the premier institution in India contributing to the IITs, Medical Colleges and other top professional institutions at the all-India level. This has been made possible by a hardworking faculty which uses modern methods to hone the talent of each child. The faculty of DPS Khanna is being rigorously trained by the DPS Society, in the mould above, to provide academic excellence at Khanna.

Delhi Public School RK Puram has been made the mentor school to which teachers from Delhi Public School Khanna are sent periodically to get hands-on experience in managing a truly international educational institution.

English Speaking & Personality Development Classes

Today English has emerged as a language for survival in this competitive world. We at Delhi Public School offer special classes for spoken English with emphasis on diction, pronunciation and vocabulary building. This ensures that our students are perfectly fluent in the language and are equipped to use it with confidence to their advantage in the world.

Personality Development classes encompass skills like communication, decision making, building self-confidence, goal setting, peer relationships, sense of responsibility and promoting family values. Special Personality Development professionals conduct these classes.

We have a Language Laboratory to help the students hone their English Speaking skills.