All students will be taken on excursions in India and Abroad. These excursions would be fun educational experiences geared towards increasing the children’s awareness of the world around them.

Field Trips

  • NASA Visits
  • Adventure Camps
  • Class Picnics
  • Visits to Vegetable Market, Sugar Factory, Museums, Zoo, Post Office, Bank
  • Rock Garden
  • IT Park
  • High Court/Secretariat
  • Mohenjodaro Civilization Site at Sanghol
  • Printing Press of a newspaper
  • Qila Mubarak Patiala
  • Jallianwalah Bagh Amritsar
March Show & Tell (I-IV)

English Declamation (V-VIII)

April English Recitation (I-III)

Cricket Match  Boys (III-V, VI-VIII,IX-XII)

Cricket Match  Girls (VI-XII)

Basketball Match Girls (VI-VIII, IX-XII)

May Cricket Match Final Boys (IX-XII)

Cricket Match Final Girls (VI-XII)

Basketball Match Final Boys (VI-VIII)

Football Match (III-V, VI-VIII, IX-XII)

July Swimming Final (III-V, VI-VIII, IX-XII)

Table Tennis Semi Final Girls (VI-VIII)

Billiards Final Girls (VI-X)

Chess Semi-Final Girls (VI-X)

Swimming Final Girls (III-V,VI-VIII,IX-XII)

Table Tennis Semi-Final Boys (VI-X)

Billiards Final Boys (VI-X)

Chess Final Girls (VI-X)

Table Tennis Final Girls  & Boys (VI-X)

Lawn Tennis (Boys) VI-XII

Music Competition (Choir & Instrument) (I -III)

August  Punjabi & Hindi Recitation (IV – V)

Creative Writing Competition (VI- X)

Cartoon Making (I -III)

Book Mark Making Competition (I – V)

Music Competition ( Choir & Instrumental) (IV – VII & VIII – X)

September Mono Acting (I -III)

Advertisement making (IV – VII)

Cross Country

Annual Sports Day

October School Fete & Art Exhibition


November Founders Day Celebrations

Cricket Match (Staff vs Students)

December Volleyball Match Boys (IX-XII)

Golf Boys & Girls (I-XII)

Horse Riding Boys (III-XII)

Extempore (I – V)

Book Designing (VI – X)

January Republic Day Celebration

Comic Making (I – V)

February  Annual Examination
APRIL-MAY Baisakhi Meal

Earth Day (Sapling Plantation)

Dandiya (Navratra’s Celebration

Visit to Shopping Mall

Mother’s Day Celebration (Pre-Nursery)

Rhyme Recitation Competition

Visit to Admire Birds

Rhyme Recitation Competition



July Pool Party

Dance Competition

Father’s Day Activity (Prep)


August Independence Day Celebration

Raking Making  Activity

Janamashtami Celebration

Acting/Comedy (Prep)

September Grand Parents Celebration (Nursery)

Colouring Competition

Visit to library

Seasons Activity (Role Play)

October Gandhi Jayanti Celebration (Dandi March)

Story Telling

Diwali Celebration (Card Making)

Annual Sports Day/School Fete

November Junior Founder’s Day Celebration
December Quiz Competition (Current Affairs)

Christmas Celebration (Craft Activity)

January English Reading Competiton (Prep)

Elocution Competition (Pre-Nursery/Nursery)

Republic Day Celebration

February Fancy Dress Competition (People who helps us)

School Picnic

March Graduation Ceremony

“Service Before Self”
Keeping up with the school motto, children are sensitized to the needs of the under-privileged through regular programs. School children are sent to various institutions such as School for Blind and Old Age Homes.