Animal Kingdom Activity

Wildlife is a precious gift by God to Mankind.To educate the children about the importance of both domestic as well as wild animals in maintaining the ecological balance, ‘Animal Kingdom ‘ activity was organized for the students of Pre Primary .They also enacted an interesting and informative role play on poaching and hunting of animals, urging the audience to save the ‘fauna of life’.

Beauty and teaching of morning assemblies

Life does not come with a manual,it comes with a mother.The cardinal rule of parenting is that all children are equal in the eyes of parents was aptly presented through a plethora of presentations by the students of Grade VIC . The students of Grade I A equally mesmerized us by throwing light upon the burning topic ‘Unity is Strength’, reminding us of the old saying ‘United we Stand,Divided we fall’.Proud of our young fleet of preachers.

Global warming, storms, hurricanes , bush fires are all ominous warnings that we need to look after our planet . One way of doing this is to decrease the carbon footprint by planting more trees.

We at DPS Khanna have a tradition where a child plants a tree on his/ her birthday. 
Today,the Hon’ble Vice Chairperson Ms.Annu Bains set an example by planting a sapling on her birthday, urging the students,staff and the parents alike to participate by planting trees in their homes,neighborhoods, villages to be a part of this movement.

Planting a sapling on your Birthday is like leaving something memorable and tangible in your school campus.Taking this noble cause of a ‘Green Earth’ one notch forward,DPS Khanna is also planting trees in the three adjacent villages to improve the environment and decrease the effects of industrialization.

We ,urge and make an earnest appeal to make this ‘birthday plantation initiative’ of DPS Khanna a fruitful one.

On this birthday make a difference ,plant a birthday tree.

In a noble initiative to save our environment the Chairperson Mr. D.S. Bains, the Principal, Mr. S. Mukherjee and the Head Mistress Ms. Neha Rattan along with the Members of the Junior Council planted saplings in the School. The School initiated a programme named ‘Plant Trees and Save Environment’ to protect the environment for the coming generations. As many as 250 saplings will be planted in the school under this programme. Mr. Surinder Sharma from the Forest Department was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He acquainted the students with the environmental issues and told them about its impact on the earth and its inhabitants. He also guided them about the proper maintenance of the planted saplings to help them grow into beautiful and robust trees.
The Chairperson, Mr. D. S. Bains motivated the students to grow more and more trees. He further encouraged them to adopt the planted trees and take care of them throughout their life.