Winter Readership Workshop Culminates in DPS Khanna

The literary fervour of the workshop was at its peak on the second day of the workshop. It included a variety of activities such as ‘Story Mapping’, ‘Soap Box’, ‘Dumb Charades’ etc. The students also solved worksheets based on the reading of the stories of their own choice.

The students displayed their creative skills by making cover pages of the books, changing the genre of the literary items given to them and giving suitable titles to their creation. Lots of fun and frolic could be witnessed during the ‘Dumb Charades’ activity which proved to be the most favourite activity of all age group students as the students had to enact the story allotted to them and the rival team had to guess the story.

Day one of the workshop included a string of group activities such as ‘Story Creation’, ‘Ice breaking”, ‘Treasure Hunt’ etc. wherein the students had to find the books of different genres and authors from the library shelves; create an interesting story on their own in quick succession; crack a puzzle etc.

These mind boggling exercises bubbling with literary twists were designed to make the students better acquainted with their own library, strictly adhering to the library rules and etiquettes. The winners of all the games were hugely applauded.

Over all, it was a very enriching and unique experience for the curious young minds. It gave a completely new dimension to the learners to visualize the library from a different perspective. The Kitaab Club made the students aware that reading is not just looking at the words or pronouncing them rather it is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency and creativity. The main motive of the workshop was to engage the students in literary activities that encourage active learning and learning by doing.

The workshop concluded with a high note and received a huge response from the students. The winners of different activities were felicitated with certificates. Mr. D. S. Bains, the Chairman of the school has advised that such reading workshops should be organised on an annual or bi-annual basis to give the students optimum exposure in literary endeavours.

A Career Exploration Programme held in DPS Khanna

The workshop was conducted in two phases: Headstart and Pathfinder. The ‘Headstart’ is designed especially for the students of grades VIII & IX so that they can begin explore careers and subject options for the future. Whereas the ‘Pathfinder’ was basically for the students of grades X & XI to help them build career path so that they can enjoy and flourish in life.

The workshop comprised of a two hour interactive session with students as well as their parents to understand over a 100 career options across Sciences, Commerce and Arts. The workshop was followed by an online test for students to get individual profiles such as ‘Star Careers & Suitable Careers’. The test was conducted through psychometric testing tools, presentations and discussions.

Mrs. Richa Dwivedi Saklani, an IIM, Ahmadabad & St. Stephons College, New Delhi alumnus & the author of “ The Ultimate Guide to 21st Century Careers’ was the resource person for the session, “ Headstart’. Ms Kritika Malhotra who has an extensive experience in organizing career guidance sessions in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and Switzerland facilitated the ‘Pathfinder’ session.

The programme facilitators enabled the students to overview different subject and career options from a different perspective. The students had an enriching experience in knowing about Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Media etc. The students and their parents participated actively during the interactive session and expressed their views. All their queries were answered adequately. The workshop received an overwhelming response from the students.

Basant Panchami Celebration