Extra Curricular Activities & Clubs

In keeping with the school’s philosophy and its belief in the multiple intelligence theory, the learning areas apart from the five broad based academic areas are given a lot of weightage. Therefore the performing and theatre arts (drama, dance and Indian and western music) and the visual arts ( painting, sketching, design, sculpture) are an important part of the curriculum. The programme is designed to enable students to get equal opportunity to participate in quality programmes.

Clubs and hobby classes are held on every Saturday. The children can be found busy with cooking, gardening, needlework, aerobics, art, dance and dramatics. The staff members supervise every activity meticulously.

Music Rooms: Western and classical Indian music are taught to the children.

Dance Room: Our children are well versed in Kathak, Bharat Natyam and other classical dance forms. Folk dances are taught as well. Latin dance forms are also taught.

Art Rooms: Children learn collage making to origami, glass painting etc. We also have a project called Best Out of Waste, where children create objects of art out of waste material. History of Art is also taught with the aid of interactive classrooms.