Middle & Senior School

At the middle school students are encouraged to work independently with a more comprehensive curriculum. The emphasis is on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge.

The important aspects of the curriculum are –

1. Formative Assessment: This includes quizzes, debates and declamation, group discussions, role play and projects.

2. Summative Assessment: This is the paper and pen test. We offer extra classes to make the child more confident. He/she is coached on how the questions need to be answered.

3. Mentor System: The student can take the help of the teachers as mentors for all problems related to academics and emotional issues.

4. Recapitulation Tests: These tests which are oral and written, help in solving the immediate problems of the child. This helps in clearing all conceptual doubts.

5. Use of Language Labs & ICR (Interactive Class Room): The language lab is used to improve pronunciation and grammar. ICRs are used for conceptual learning.

6. Research Oriented Curriculum: The curriculum is based on team work like discussions, group project work, discovery and exploration.