Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Prep

Multiple Intelligence Programme

Under this programme we focus on :

1. Development of Language Skills: We develop the child’s listening, reading, writing and cognitive skills.

2. Melody & Rhythm: Music helps us to communicate and connect with children.

3. Regular Home and School Links: Communication between parents and teachers acts like a bridge which leads to a better development of the child.

4. Puppets: We make the use of puppets for education under ‘MERI PUTUL YATRA’.

5. VARK: A programme where we concentrate on different learning styles like Visual, Aural, Read and Write and Kinesthetic.

6. Nurturing creativity in Preschoolers: We give children the freedom to explore, experiment and discover new things on their own.

7. Teaching through the power of Sports: We believe sports and education go hand in hand. Through various activities & sports, teaching can be done more effectively.

8. The method of Child Study: Our teachers assess the cognitive ability of a preschool child using a checklist of cognitive assessment task and aspects of the perception of concepts.