Primary School

In this section we move towards a more structured curriculum. It includes :

1. Specially designed Educational Kits: These are used to teach grammar, numbers and fractions.

2. Class Magazine: This magazine is used to develop their writing and imaginative skills.

3. General Knowledge: We have a class news channel where children discuss current affairs from around the world.

4. The introduction of Chapters through Role Play: The chapters are introduced in interesting formats. poems and stories are dramatised using expressive actions.

5. Use of Language Labs & ICR (Interactive Class Room): The language lab is used from an early stage to improve pronunciation and grammar. ICRs are used for conceptual learning.

6. Activity Room: The activity room, with its educational kits, is used for role play, developing motor skills as well as communication through dollhouse, puppet theatre, mathematical kits as well as other kits that improve concentration, emotional bonding and develop their social skills.

7. Creative and Imaginative Lesson Plans: The lesson plans are comprehensive and hone the listening, thinking and writing skills of the children.

8. Olympiads & Abacus: These are initiated at the Primary school level.

9. Project Work: It encourages mass participation and develops a strong sense of individuality in a group format.

10. Nature Walks: We regularly do nature walks and educational trips to the railway station, police station, post office, factories and parks.

11. Buddy System: Children with learning disability are assigned a buddy who assists in all academic matters.