Kanwarpal Kaur Dhaliwal, started her journey with DPS Khanna in 2011, the establishment year of the school. So she grew up with DPS and it grew up with her. Now pursuing for MBBS at DMC, Ludhiana, she can reflect on her journey for six long years and honestly says that DPS creates not only an intellectually stimulating space where the mind can expand but also empowers you with resources to explore your creative side. She developed and matured into a highly confident lady that she is today.

She has always aced all her academics results at school. She got 10 CGPA in class X board exams .She has dabbled into a plethora of curricular, co-curricular and extra -curricular activities that the school provided her. Talking about leadership skills, she has volunteered MUN sessions. The roles and responsibilities of a student council representative (Head Girl 2015-16) were also undertaken by her very actively at school. “Such opportunities given at school level imbibe life skills among students that leave an everlasting impact on them,” says Kanwarpal.

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