Indian Psychological Science Congress

The students of class XII had got their papers published in the abstract book “Indian Psychological Science Congress” by an organization “National Association of Psychological Science”. The topics of the research were based on the current issues. The research was done by 5 Psychology Students of Delhi Public School, Khanna under the supervision of Mr Vivek Bhuchar & Ms Parul Sharma. The research was totally based on the empirical investigation where the data was collected by the students as per the topic.  The research papers are titled as:

  1. Technostress, Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health: Gender Differences (Authors: Vivek Bhuchar & Snigdha Wadhwa)
  2. Relationship between Smartphone Addiction, Loneliness and Stress (Authors: Vivek Bhuchar & Puneet Kaur Sobti)
  3. Optimism: Relationship with Psychological Well Being and Self Esteem (Authors: Vivek Bhuchar & Arpana Sharma)
  4. Dyslexia and Academics of School Going Children (Authors: Parul Sharma & Sonal Shori)
  5. Relationship between Depression, Anxiety and Stress among School Going Children (Authors: Vivek Bhuchar & Damanpreet Kaur)


The details of the research paper can be gathered from:

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